Winery Tours

River Road Winery Trips Sunday 2017

Cost is $75.00 single, $130.00 for couples. This price includes trolley ride and wine tasting at the wineries.

Rochester pickup at Shopko North parking lot, park cars at the southwest corner of parking lot.

Pickup time 9:30 AM and leave at 9:45 AM.
Plainview pickup at Catholic Church
Pickup time 10:30 AM and leave at 10:50 AM.
Wabasha pickup at Americinn Lodge and Suites
Pickup time 11:30 AM and leave at 11:40 AM

Red Wing----------------Flower Valley Winery 12:00 PM until 1:00 PM
Maiden Rock-W------------Maiden Rock Winery 1:30 PM until 2:30 PM
Pepin-W----------------------Villa Bellezza Winery 2:45 pm until 3:45 PM
Nelson W------------------- -Nelson Creamery 4:00 PM until 5:30 PM

Be back in Plainview at Catholic Church Parking lot around 6:15 PM, then onto Shopko North
Dates for the Winery Tours are July 1, July 9, July 16, July 23. Each one of these dates will be going to different wineries.
The trolley will seat 25 adults comfortably.
For a trip to run we must have a minimum of 12 people to sign up.
Yes, all beverages are allowed on the trolley.
Food and snacks are allowed on the trolley
Trolley bus has air conditioning .


New to the Great River Road Wine Trail in 2015, Flower Valley Vineyard was established in 2002 and is the creation of Dave, Mary, and Tom Mohn. We have transformed the old family farm into one of Minnesota’s fine vineyards and recently added a winery/tasting room. It is nestled in a beautiful area near Red Wing, MN known as Flower Valley.

Southeastern Minnesota is a beautiful area with magnificent wooded river bluffs interlaced with small picturesque valleys. When the glaciers melted 10,000 years ago, these valleys were carved by the rush of melt water and then filled up with huge amounts of sediment as the flowage slowed down to eventually become the Mississippi River. Flower Valley is one of the valleys carved from this flowage and is located about 4 miles south of Red Wing.

No one knows who gave this little valley its name. We will have to attribute that to the original settlers who homesteaded the land. In any case, it provides a wonderful setting for our vineyard. Except for the addition of a new home here and there, the valley has managed to keep its same look and character with hardwood forests on the hillsides and farm fields filling up the bottom land.

For more than 150 years this bottom land yielded excellent crops, but the small size of the fields make them less appealing to the large scale operating style required by farmers who raise corn and soybeans. The soil has a consistent sandy loam quality that makes it drain well and yet provide a perfect medium for growing the grapes. The pH level of the soil runs around 6.6 which puts it nicely in the accepted range that is considered ideal for grapes. The gentle slope at the edge of the bottom land is where we planted our first vineyard in 2002.


Maiden Rock Winery & Cidery is an award-winning cider orchard presenting a unique collection of premium hard ciders and wines – produced from fresh local fruit – flavored by Wisconsin. Our specialty is the production of artisanal ciders crafted from authentic cider apples, grown in one of the finest apple regions in North America. Maiden Rock Winery & Cidery is on-track to become the dominant craft cider producer in the Upper Midwest. Our unique collection of apples, wine and craft cider, combined with unparalleled customer service creates lasting memories and stories to share.

Located on the scenic bluffs above the Mississippi River at Lake Pepin, our rural estate offers refreshing country experiences. We present regularly scheduled festivals, feasts, and other fun events April through October to enjoy our beverages. Open hours: July – October: 10-6, November – March 11-5 Sat. & Sun, April – June Thurs. – Mon. 10 – 6.

In addition to wine and cider tastings and tours, Maiden Rock Winery & Cidery is also the ideal venue for many special events. From weddings to car clubs, to reunions, and receptions, many have enjoyed the country setting and adaptability of our facilities and staff to meet their unique needs.


Our name is inspired by the Italian word for beauty – Bellezza – andthe area’s stunning river bluffs and sparkling Lake Pepin views. The buildings of Villa Bellezza surround a charming central square and fountain. Gather with family or friends in this “town square” atmosphere with a bottle of wine and a meal at one of our cafe tables. Self-guided tours through the “Villa” event center offer a unique opportunity to explore the classical architecture — meander through balconies and arcades with a glass of wine.  

Villla Bellezza produces over a dozen wines, including several winners of international wine competitions. The estate manages three vineyards located around Lake Pepin, sourcing additional grapes locally from our friends and neighbors in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. Our unique wine blends combine artistry with cutting edge science. We produce wines that cover a full range of palates – from dry to sweet , from white to rose to red. Whatever your taste, there’s a Villa Bellezza wine that you will love!